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HGA Completes First Group Sales Mission of 2016

Last year at the Member Meeting in Las Vegas, HGA President, Marty MacKay, revealed that HGA would be planning 6 group sales missions throughout 2016. These missions give our DMC members the opportunity participate in planned roadshow focusing on particular geographical regions with a group of up to 5 DMC members led by an HGA Liaison.

Dee Kirby led the inaugural trip with a group of HGA members that consisted of: Cory Brooks (Maple Ridge Events), Ray Vlacich (Sunbound), Heather Williams (+39 Italy), Christian Heydt Iberger (NXTevent, Inc.), and Silvia Salazar (Actua DMC).

Dee’s team covered two countries and two states in just four days, kicking off the trip with appointments in Toronto. Next they flew to Boston, where the sales appointments continued. The group also participated in a local MPI event at the Battery Wharf Hotel.

Closing out the week in New Jersey, fellow HGA Global Liaison Serena Melancon met the group in the Garden State to attend a lunch with clients. All in all, the group had 12 appointments planned with over 50 clients. It proved to be another successful week for Hosts Global Alliance.